At the beginning of creating a new piece of music the composer chooses the compositional technique which is appropriate to realize the sound he imagines.

There is an infinite number of ways of combining the sounds of a tonal system. Limitations of the compositional freedom result from theoretical conventions which have been established in the course of the history of music. The composer can decide to accept certain rules which are appropriate for his targeted genre.

Electronic music seems to be free from tradition because electronic sound generators are young instruments.
Some compositional particularities of electronic music which are reasonable for sonic reasons have been described. If the composition uses exclusively synthesizers effects can be reduced and the superimposition of frequencies can be avoided. Using a limited size of instruments emphasizes each of the sounds.

The techniques of creating soundscapes and sound-paintings are different from the complex compositional form and the theory of harmony in music. Music is structure, proportion and sound.

The development of artificial intelligence in the realm of composition can change the rules of this form of art. If it affects the art of composing in a sophisticated way depends on its contribution to the history of music.

Zahra M.M.A. Sadiq
Gardens of the Nile
Anwar Ifriqia (The Lights of Africa)
Available: www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ZahraMMASadiq


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